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New Taco 1.125 Type E Pump Seal Kit 953-1549-3BRP MADE IN USA

New Taco 1.125 Type E Pump Seal Kit 953-1549-3BRP MADE IN USA
New Taco 1.125 Type E Pump Seal Kit 953-1549-3BRP MADE IN USA
New Taco 1.125 Type E Pump Seal Kit 953-1549-3BRP MADE IN USA

New Taco 1.125 Type E Pump Seal Kit 953-1549-3BRP MADE IN USA

This kit contains the following. (1) PS-356-EPR / Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR). (1) 1.00 x 1.12 x 1.93 Bell Bronze Shaft Sleeve. (2) EPR O-Rings /Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR). FOR THE FOLLOWING TACO MODELS.

KV1506AE2HA, KV1506AE2JA, KV1506AE2KA, KV1506AE2HC, KV1506AE2JC, KV1506AE2KC. KV1507AE2HA, KV1507AE2JA, KV1507AE2KA, KV1507AE2HC, KV1507AE2JC, KV1507AE2KC.

KV1509AE2HA, KV1509AE2JA, KV1509AE2KA, KV1509AE2HC, KV1509AE2JC, KV1509AE2KC. KV2006AE2HA, KV2006AE2JA, KV2006AE2KA, KV2006AE2HC, KV2006AE2JC, KV2006AE2KC. KV2007AE2HA, KV2007AE2JA, KV2007AE2KA, KV2007AE2HC, KV2007AE2JC, KV2007AE2KC. KV2009AE2HA, KV2009AE2JA, KV2009AE2KA, KV2009AE2HC, KV2009AE2JC, KV2009AE2KC.

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KV3007AE2HA, KV3007AE2JA, KV3007AE2KA, KV3007AE2HC, KV3007AE2JC, KV3007AE2KC. KV3009AE2HA, KV3009AE2JA, KV3009AE2KA, KV3009AE2HC, KV3009AE2JC, KV3009AE2KC.

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FI1209C E2AAH, FI1209C E2BAH, FI1209C E2CAH, FI1209C E2DAH, FI1209C E2EAH. FI1209C E2FAH, FI1209C E2GAH, FI1209C E2HAH, FI1209C E2KAH, FI1209C E2MAH. FI1209C E2NAH, FI1209C E2UAH, FI1209C E2VAH, FI1509C E2AAH, FI1509C E2CAH. FI1509C E2DAH, FI1509C E2EAH, FI1509C E2FAH, FI1509C E2GAH, FI1509C E2HAH.

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  • Brand: US Seal/John Crane
  • MPN: 953-1549-3BRP
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

New Taco 1.125 Type E Pump Seal Kit 953-1549-3BRP MADE IN USA