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Mfsl-udcd-568 Queen A Night At The Opera (gold-cd/made In Usa/factory Sealed)

Mfsl-udcd-568 Queen A Night At The Opera (gold-cd/made In Usa/factory Sealed)
Mfsl-udcd-568 Queen A Night At The Opera (gold-cd/made In Usa/factory Sealed)

Mfsl-udcd-568 Queen A Night At The Opera (gold-cd/made In Usa/factory Sealed)

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And safety first class cardboard package........... ANALOGE & AUDIOPHILE GOLD- CD. My private hobby over 40 years!! FROM MY WELL-TENDED PERSONAL COLLECTION.... IN VERY HIGH - MFSL-QUALITY!! EXTREMELY RARE MFSL UDCD-24KARAT GOLD-CD!!


" A NIGHT AT THE OPERA "................... From the original analog master tapes..... With following tracks / titles....

Death On Two Legs Dedicated To... Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon.................

I'm In Love With My Car.................. You're My Best Friend.................. ORIGINAL RECORDING 1975 BY HOLLYWOOD RECORDS IN USA.... Queen - A Night At The Opera Label: Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab - UDCD 568, Hollywood Records - UDCD 568 Series: Original Master Recording, Ultradisc II Format: CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered, Stereo, 24kt Gold Plated Country: US Released: Oct 1992 Genre: Rock Companies, etc. Record Company - MFSL, Inc.

Distributed By - MFSL, Inc. Licensed From - Hollywood Records Licensed From - Queen Productions Ltd.

Fedlman trading as Trident Music Ultradisc IIT 24 KT Gold CD from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab "Original Master Recording" collection. Queen: Freddie Mercury (vocals, piano); Brian May (guitar, harp, ukulele, background vocals); John Deacon (electric piano, acoustic & electric basses); Roger Taylor (percussion, background vocals). Though they began their career practicing an artier, more theatrical variant on the Led Zeppelin heavy rock sound, Queen was always capable of much more. Ultimately, Freddie and the boys were popsters at heart, and capable ones to boot. A NIGHT AT THE OPERA is where they begin to show their eclecticism and compositional facility. The album title is probably a reference to the FM rock anthem "Bohemian Rhapsody, " which begins as an existential ballad before moving into a mock-operatic section featuring scores of overdubbed Freddie Mercurys. "Rhapsody" is just the tip of the iceberg here. "Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon" is a music hall ditty that owes a debt to the Kinks. "'39" is a surprisingly poignant folk-rocker written and sung by Brian May. Queen even ventures into vaudeville territory (given Mercury's show biz leanings, not as much of a stretch as one might think) on the fatalistic, old-timey Good Company. There are several souped-up rockers here as well, but it's A NIGHT AT THE OPERA's winning stylistic experimentation that makes it a milestone in Queen history. Using the multi-layered guitars of its predecessor as a foundation, A Night at the Opera encompasses metal ("Death on Two Legs, " "Sweet Lady"), pop (the lovely, shimmering "You're My Best Friend"), campy British music hall ("Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon, " "Seaside Rendezvous"), and mystical prog rock ("'39, " "The Prophet's Song"), eventually bringing it all together on the pseudo-operatic Bohemian Rhapsody. In short, it's a lot like Queen's own version of Led Zeppelin IV, but where Zep find dark menace in bombast, Queen celebrate their own pomposity. No one in the band takes anything too seriously, otherwise the arrangements wouldn't be as ludicrously exaggerated as they are. But the appeal - and the influence - of A Night at the Opera is in its detailed, meticulous productions. It's prog rock with a sense of humor as well as dynamics, and Queen never bettered their approach anywhere else. In 2005, Hollywood Records released a two-disc, remastered 30th Anniversary CD/DVD of A Night at the Opera that included a DVD featuring original and new videos, as well as audio commentary from the band. In German language (in deutsch)...... Nie mehr haben "Queen" ein derartig monolithisches Meisterwerk abgeliefert, wie mit "A night at the opera". Wie bereits der Titel nahelegt, hauen Freddie Mercury und Company ihrem Publikum eine bis dato ungekannte Mischung aus Pathos, Stimmgewalt und knalligen Melodien um die Ohren, die auch heute noch nichts von ihrer Wirkung verloren hat. Der Großteil der auf dem Album enthaltenen Tracks hat zwischenzeitlich Kultstatus. Wem die späteren Sachen von "Queen" zu radiokompatibel waren, sollte sich nicht scheuen, wieder mal diese Album neu zu entdecken. Nichts ist erfolgreicher als die Übertreibung -- dies ist zumindest bei Queens klassischem Durchbruchs-Album A Night at the Opera der Fall. A Night at the Opera ist aber auch der Titel eines Films der Marx Brothers, und natürlich passt auch dieser Verweis zu Queen, die die Höhen des Pomprock nur selten ohne ein wissendes Augenzwinkern erklommen.

Das Album ist für seinen aufs Genaueste durchdachten Bombasteffekt bekannt. Tatsächlich liegt hier jedoch eine Vielfalt an Material vor, die von dem großartigen Pianostück "You're My Best Friend" und dem McCartney-haften "39" über den Music-Hall-Stil von "Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon" zum beinharten Metal-Rock von "Death on Two Legs" und "I'm in Love with My Car" reicht. A Night at the Opera wird von den meisten als das Queen-Album an sich betrachtet, und das zu Recht. -Daniel Durchholz Audio Ein wahrhaft königliches Ereignis war 1975 das Erscheinen dieses Queen-Albums: Niemand bewegte sich so geschmacksicher auf dem schmalen Grat zwischen Rock und Rokoko wie Freddie Mercury und sein Hofstaat. Die Bohemian Rhapsody wurde gar zu Mercurys unsterblichem Vermächtnis.

In Gold gegossen, rauscht sie nur noch ganz vornehm. THIS MFSL-GOLD-UDCD IS MADE IN USA!

24K Gold Limited Edition CDs are long out of print of some of the most valuable collector's items within the Audiophile market. Each CD was pressed directly from the original studio master session tapes ; the purest source of musical information and engineered to produce the finest CD sound quality available. Every compact disc delivers the music to you with all the depth, dynamics, and richness of the live recording session. We invite you to hear the three-dimensional quality of the music just as the artist intended for it to sound. The proprietary mastering technology extracts and transparently stores more musical information from the original master tapes than any other method in existence.

For the discriminating listener, the results include: a wider range of frequencies, increased depth and room dimension cues, clarity, and separation of instruments. The technology substantially decreases characteristics such as hardness and glare bringing the sound of CD even closer to the warmth and openess of analogue.

24K Gold CDs are considered the FINEST of Audiophile CD's. Gold particles are uniform and have a constant rate of reflection giving an even, reproductive sound quality. Also, 24K Gold CDs will not oxidize or tarnish and will last for years longer than traditional aluminum CDs. This recording is mastered from the Original Session Tapes and the disc is custom pressed using 24-Karat Gold (known for its superior qualities and resistance to oxidation).

This Out of Print Gold bonafide collectible disc has all Liner Notes, Photos, and Artwork from the Original LP faithfully recreated. ORIGINAL MASTER RECORDING = VERY HIGH QUALITY!! 24Karat GOLD-CD and BOOKLET are in BRAND NEW =.... Perfect FACTORY SEALED - QUALITY!!

BRAND NEW = perfect FACTORY SEALED!! BRAND NEW = perfect " FACTORY SEALED "!! The MFSL-UDCD-24Karat-Gold-CD is BRAND NEW = perfect FACTORY SEALED!! The picture shows the very MFSL-UDCD-24Karat-Gold-CD.....

A-very-hard-to-find MFSL-UDCD-24Karat Gold-CD in this. VERY HIGH - (perfect FACTORY SEALED) - Quality worldwide..... Here a couple of small details..... The MFSL-24KARAT-Gold-CD ULTRADISC II = MADE IN USA!! Is " BRAND NEW" = perfect " FACTORY SEALED"!! The GOLD-CD is perfect " FACTORY SEALED" and in very high Quality!! None tears in the shrinkwrap (cellophane) = PERFECT!! It is not a cut-out. No saw marks or drill holes. The picture above is of the actual CD for sale and not a stock photo. It is a completely original. Pressing on the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab label.. MOBILE FIDELITY SOUND LAB RECORDING, USA.... Mastered by The revolutionary GAIN System.... Very high Quality MFSL-Gold-CD made in USA.... Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (MFSL) was founded in 1977 by audiophiles with the the goal of providing serious music listeners with limited editions of faithfully reproduced high-fidelity recordings. Under the leadership of Herb Belkin, Mobile Fidelity remains a small, indepedently-owned company guided by the following philospphy: - reproduced music should sound as close to the real thing as possible.......... Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs limited edition audiophile cd remains unsurpassed, delivering muisc reproduction as close to the actual recording session as possible. Ultradisc is mastered directly from the original master tape. Consequently, it does not suffer the loss of musical information inherent in the standard practice of mastering from production copies..........

Please look all my other items.... I have been collecting music for about 40 years and as I wish to reduce my personal collection.... I have some particularly rare and out-of-print objects.... Many of my LP's and CD's are still. FACTORY SEALED = SEALED / OVP.

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Mfsl-udcd-568 Queen A Night At The Opera (gold-cd/made In Usa/factory Sealed)