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DCC Gzs-1120 Deep Purple Made In Japan (analogue DCC 24kt-gold-cd/sealed)

DCC Gzs-1120 Deep Purple Made In Japan (analogue DCC 24kt-gold-cd/sealed)
DCC Gzs-1120 Deep Purple Made In Japan (analogue DCC 24kt-gold-cd/sealed)

DCC Gzs-1120 Deep Purple Made In Japan (analogue DCC 24kt-gold-cd/sealed)

24KARAT-DCC-GOLD-COMPACT-DISC ------ FROM THE ORIGINAL ANALOGUE MASTERTAPES.... Nous offrons un garantie non satisfait, remboursé!

Si vous n'êtes pas satisfait avec votre achat. Vous pouvez le retourner pendant 14 jours et vous serez remboursé sans discussion. Les frais de retour ne sont pas remboursables. Winners have to contact me within 3 days. For 1 valuable, very-hard-to-find-worldwide ---- DCC 24KARAT-GOLD-CD.......

And safety first class cardboard package........... All of my worldwide =.... THE ULTIMATIVE SOUND QUALITY FROM DCC-CD!! IN VERY HIGH - DCC CD - QUALITY!!

EXTREMELY RARE 24KARAT GOLD-COMPACT DISC!! BRAND NEW = FACTORY SEALED!! Made in USA the ultimate sound!! 24KARAT-DCC-GOLD-COMPACT-DISC -- FROM THE ORIGINAL ANALOGUE MASTERTAPES.... With the warm sound of the original master tape. Label / Number : Disc DCC GZS 1120. Description : Original USA pressing, out-of-print -24 Karat Gold CD collector item. With following tracks / titles... 1 Highway Star 6:45 2 Child In Time 12:19 3 Smoke On The Water 7:27 4 The Mule 9:45 5 Strange Kind Of Woman 9:10 6 Lazy 10:35 7 Space Truckin' 20:02.

ORIGINAL RECORDING 1998 WARNER BROS. Album, Reissue, 24 K Gold CD. Mastered for this compact disc by Steve Hoffman. Manufactured and marketed by DCC Compact Classics Booklet includes complete original artwork.

Steve Hoffman the guru mastering engineer within The Audiophile Industry & of these DCC Limited Edition masterpieces rates this Hits pressing as one of his all-time favorites. He says it was a pain in the butt to cut, but the results were well worth it. Hoffman complied this collection of hits from the actual stereo master tapes and was very proud of the way it turned out. Hoffman in all of the DCC Hits Collections never used the usual Record Company Greatest Hits Dubs but went back to the actual 1st generation studio mixes.

No one else ever took that pains taking effort to insure the finest quality ever and is the reason these DCC Hits Collections are an audiophile's dream pressing........ A gold compact disc is one in which gold. Is used in place of the super pure aluminium. Commonly used as the reflective coating on ordinary CDs.

Gold CDs can be played in any CD player. They can be recorded in any CD recorder and played in any CD player. The advantage of the gold reflection layer is its increased resistance to corrosion, in contrast to the ordinary aluminium layer found on normal compact discs. Due to concerns over the incidence of CD rot.

On early CDs (mainly manufactured by PDO UK), gold CDs were thus seen as a potential solution. Many gold CDs, including those from Mobile Fidelity.

Are packaged in lift-lock cases, a special type of case where the CD is lifted out of the case automatically and a latch unlocked when opened. The advantage of this design is that only the edges of the disc are handled when removing it from the case, and the disc is never subjected to any bending force while removing it. From the outside, they appear almost identical to a standard jewel case. They have the same dimensions as a standard jewel case, and use standard booklets and back cards. 24KARAT-DCC-GOLD-COMPACT-DISC ----- FROM THE ORIGINAL ANALOGUE MASTERTAPES....

Wie die von MFSL hergestellten Gold- CD's erfreuen sich die Gold-CD's von der 1964 gegründeten Fa. DCC Compact Classics (DCC) in audiophilen Kreisen ebenfalls einer regen Nachfrage. Insbesondere sei hier der Ingenieur Steve Hofmann erwähnt, der es wie kein zweiter schaffte, aus den originalen Masterbändern das letzte an Qualität rauszuholen.......................... FROM ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES = VERY HIGH QUALITY!! 24Karat GOLD-CD and BOOKLET are in BRAND NEW =.... Perfect FACTORY SEALED - QUALITY!!

BRAND NEW = perfect FACTORY SEALED!! Here a couple of small details.... The DCC-24KARAT-Gold-CD made in USA!!

Is " BRAND NEW" = perfect " FACTORY SEALED "!! The DCC-24KARAT-GOLD-CD is perfect " FACTORY SEALED " and in very high Quality!!

None tears in the shrinkwrap (cellophane) = PERFECT " FACTORY SEALED "!! It is not a cut-out. No saw marks or drill holes. The picture above is of the actual CD for sale and not a stock photo. It is a completely original.


I have been collecting music for about 40 years and as I wish to reduce my GOLD-CD collection.... I have some particularly rare and out-of-print objects.... Many of my LP's and CD's are still.

FACTORY SEALED = SEALED / OVP. 1st part: quality of the record 2nd part: quality of the cover............. LP & CD is as new and does not show wear............ LP & CD shows minimum wear........... VG / VG (very good).

LP & CD shows wear......... Demo-Copy: LP & CD =..... Promo - not for sale - particularly rare!

DCC Gzs-1120 Deep Purple Made In Japan (analogue DCC 24kt-gold-cd/sealed)