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83 mm Press And Seal Pressure Sensitive PS Foam Cap Liners USA Made

83 mm Press And Seal Pressure Sensitive PS Foam Cap Liners USA Made

83 mm Press And Seal Pressure Sensitive PS Foam Cap Liners USA Made

Press & Seal Cap Liners Foam-based - Tamper Evident - Made in the USA. Low Price, Fast & Free.

Foam-based Press And Seal (P&S) Cap Liners! Having manufactured from USA, we receive our liners straight out of the USA factory. Meets all industry performance requirements. Why choose P&S cap liners.

Most inexpensive choices to provide tamper evident seals in addition to fulfilling below requirements. Seal to prevent product contamination and thus preserve product freshness & integrity. Seal to prevent liquid & dry products from leak & spill.

From product perspective for sealing containers having dry or powder products dry foods ex. Mixed nuts, dry pharmaceuticals ex.

Vitamins, viscous liquids & pastes ex. Honey products, travel liquids, and cosmetic products. From container/closures perspective, for sealing plastic & glass bottles/ jars, and with lined or unlined caps/closures. Our press and seal liners come with Sealed for Your Protection red ink print on tophelps to authenticate your product after sealing.

When you plan to use our P&S liner against liquids, it is recommended that you sample them before using. Liner disc is cut into fit in a 83 mm size cap/closure, so its actual size is slightly less than.

Mm liner disc is designed to. Provide a complete seal for the following bottle/jar neck finishes. /410 (1.5 thread turns). /415 (2 thread turns, tall H dimension).

/425 (2 thread turns, narrow threads). So, if you measure the neck outside diameter, for example with 8. /400 neck finish bottle/jar, you will find that it is less than 8. It is to make sure that when 8. Mm cap liner seals the bottle top, it fully covers the bottle top with tiny bit in excess.

In other words, when you measure the bottle outside diameter, and then you add 1-2 mm to that size, and if the total. Comes out to be close to 8. Mm, then you order 8. Mm cap liner for your application.

It will work for you! The bottom line aspect is that these cap liners are designed in a way to fully cover the bottle/jar landing/sealing area and to provide a complete seal when it is properly applied with sufficient pressure. How to apply the P&S cap liner. Clean the bottle/jar landing area with cloth. Position it inside the cap (preferred way) or position it over the landing area on top of the bottle/jar. Apply the cap to bottle/jar top with some tight pressure/torque. Note: With the application pressure/torque, keep it tight for at least 30 min. After 30 min, a good seal is generated between the liner and bottle. Excellent results are achieved with better seals in certain applications if you keep it tight for 24 hour. If you are not sure about liner selection and its application, send us a message and we will provide you the directions. We appreciate your time & thank you! Our other listings on Press and Seal Liners. Pressure Sensitive/ Press and Seal liners. The item "83 mm Press And Seal Pressure Sensitive PS Foam Cap Liners USA Made" is in sale since Tuesday, December 6, 2016. This item is in the category "Health & Beauty\Makeup\Makeup Tools & Accessories\Other Makeup Tools & Accs".

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83 mm Press And Seal Pressure Sensitive PS Foam Cap Liners USA Made